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John Corboy Medal

The John Corboy Medal is a prestigious award for surgical Trainees. It commemorates Dr John Corboy's achievements and recognises exceptional service by other Trainees. On the recommendation of the Trainees' Association, the John Corboy Medal is awarded annually to a Trainee who demonstrates the characteristics for which John was admired.

The award is made to a candidate who shows some or all of the following qualities:

  • Outstanding leadership
  • Selfless service
  • Tenacity
  • Service to trainees of the College

These qualities must be demonstrated in either the performance of his or her duties, service to the surgical community, the manner of and approach to the fulfilment of their surgical training and/or by their commitment to and involvement with the community of surgical Trainees.

To find out more about this award email [email protected] 

John Corboy Medal recipients

2024 - Sharon Jay
2023 - Shiv-karan Chopra
2022 - Amanda Nikolic
2021 - Ahrin Anna Morrow
2020 - Christopher Conyard
2019 - Ruth Mitchell
2018 -
Kimberly Aikins
2017 - Genevieve Gibbons

2016 - Grant A Fraser-Kirk
2014 - Gregory O'Grady
2013 - Ruth Blackham
2011 - Brandon Adams
2010 - Matthew Peters 

John Corboy Medal policy & contact

Please refer to the policy governing the John Corboy Medal (PDF 156.64KB) before submitting a nomination. Nominations must meet the criteria outlined in the policy. Download the John Corboy Medal nomination form (PDF 53.65KB).

The nomination period for the 2025 John Corboy Medal is June 1 - July 31, 2024.

All nominations should be emailed to [email protected]For queries, contact the RACSTA Executive Officer on +61 3 9249 1212.