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Course learning outcomes

By completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Appraise why a culture of respect matters
2. Evaluate behaviours that support respectful environments
3. Recognise the importance of resilience in maintaining respectful interactions 
4. Practise how to address unacceptable behaviours.


Are you eligible for this course?

This course is compulsory for Surgical Supervisors and Committee Members. 

It is also available to Fellows and Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) who are either Members of RACS or of other Colleges. 

Note: You are not eligible to attend this course if you are not a Fellow or SIMG.


Delivery mode 

Mode of delivery: Face-to-face 1-day course Duration: 1 day (7 hours)

Dates and locations:

Time: All courses run from 8:15am – 4:00pm local time

 Date  Location
 Saturday 2 March 2024  Melbourne, VIC
 Thursday 21 March 2024  Perth, WA
 Saturday 4 May 2024  Sydney, NSW
 Saturday 8 June 2024  Brisbane, QLD
 Saturday 27 July 2024  Sydney, NSW
 Saturday 10 August 2024  Wellington, AoNZ
 Friday 30 August 2024  Adelaide, SA
 Saturday 7 September 2024  Brisbane, QLD
 Friday 11 October 2024  Perth, WA
 Saturday 12 October 2024  Perth, WA
 Saturday 26 October 2024  Sydney, NSW
 Saturday 16 November 2024  Melbourne, VIC


Course fees

RACS Members (Fellows or SIMGs): A$400 or NZ$430 (fully refundable if course is attended) 

Note: This fee will be refunded in full after attendance at the course is confirmed. Non-attendance will incur the registration fee in full. Withdrawal from the course will be subject to the Professional Development Fees and Refunds Regulation.  


RACS Non-members (Fellows or SIMGs of other Colleges): A$650 or NZ$700 (non-refundable, even if course is attended) 

Note: Withdrawal from the course will be subject to the Professional Development Fees and Refunds Regulation. The fee is not refundable after attendance at the course is confirmed. 


CPD points

Completing this course will entitle participants to 7 CPD points.


Main RACS competencies addressed

  • Collaboration and teamwork 
  • Communication
  • Professionalism


Course references

Course references are available from the RACS library (login required). 


Related course

In preparation for this course, we recommend that you complete the 1-hour eLearning course, Introduction to Operating with Respect


 (login required)